Rhode Island Fishing Rates and Policies


The charter rates are for a group to charter the Maverick. Not Per Person.

Bro's Striped Bass
Striped Bass and Bluefish (6 anglers max)

Block Island North End (4 hrs) $600.
Block Island North End (5 hrs) $675.
Block Island South Side (6 hrs) $750.
Block Island South Side (7 hrs) $825.***
Block Island South Side (8 hrs) $900.

*** Our Most Popular Trip

This allows us to steam to the best striper fishing on the East Coast at the southwest ledge of Block Island. We plan our departure to fish one full tide avoiding the change of tide when the fishing slows.

RI Fluke
 Fluke, Sea Bass (6 anglers maximum):

4 anglers (6 hours) $550
6 anglers (6 hours) $600

We fish for Fluke and Sea Bass on the coastline, a 15 minute ride.                                       

Yellowfin Tuna
School Tuna (6 anglers maximum):

Full Day (8 hrs) $1400
We will fish from Cox's, The Fingers to the Dump or the Mud Hole.


Striper and Bluefin Tuna Photo
Combination Striper/School Tuna (6 anglers maximum):

Full Day (10 hrs) $1600
Tuna in the morning with a stop at Block Island for bass on the way home.


Heather Hooked Up

 Cod (6 anglers maximum):

Full Day (10 hrs) $950 @ Coxes Ledge

Full Day (10 hrs) $750 @ East Grounds

Giant Bluefin Tuna Picture
Giant Bluefin Tuna (4 anglers maximum):

Full Day (8 hrs) $1700

Two day overnight $2500


Patty and Thresher Shark
Sharks (6 anglers maximum):

Full Day (8 hrs) $1400



The rates above do not include a 15-20% mates tip

People always ask why this other charter boat is $100.00 less expensive? The answer is simple. He is much smaller, can only handle 4 people comfortably which relates to a small cockpit. He does not take a mate. He uses any bait he can get his hands on. He travels to fishing spots at 12 knots. He will not run very far to find fish. If I did all those things I could be $100.00 cheaper as well but we certainly would not bring you the same quality of fishing. Give us a try you will not be disappointed.


A $200 deposit is required prior to your trip. Because of the bait requirements for tuna fishing, this deposit will be refunded only if your trip is cancelled within 7 days of departure, or if weather is prohibitive.

Soft drinks, tackle, and bait provided. All required safety equipment and licenses are available for your inspection.

Tuna fishing can be a slow experience, and you are never guaranteed a fish. Be prepared for long boat runs, some exceeding 2 hours. The search for tuna is exciting. You’ll spot numerous whales and other sea life as you scan the waters for schools of feeding tuna.

If you do hook up with a giant tuna, the fish are fought from fixed rod holders mounted on the transom, and you will be the one reeling it in. There is no fighting chair unless requested in advance. Stand up rods are available if the bluefin are in a school or small to medium class.

Any giant bluefin tuna fish (73" or larger) caught are property of the Maverick. School and medium bluefin can be kept by the charter based on the federal regulations in place on the day of the charter. We carry a federal Atlantic tuna permit to sell any giant tuna we catch. If a fish over 73” is boated, 1/3 of the charter fee will be refunded. No proceeds from the sale of fish will be shared with the customer.

Although we won’t be targeting them, occasionally mako and blue sharks will be caught while tuna fishing with bait. You are welcome to fight them to the boat, but please don’t expect to keep them. We believe sharks have been over fished and should be photographed and released.

This trip is not recommended for the impatient fishermen, or anyone who is prone to sea sickness. Some excursions exceed 50 miles from shore, depending on fish location, so plan on a very full day, often leaving before dawn and returning after dark. Of course, the trip hours can be customized to your wishes.

If you are vulnerable to sea sickness, please take precautions to prevent an uncomfortable trip! You can find additional information on preventing sea sickness at:


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