Rhode Island & Cape Cod Sportfishing Tuna, Striper Pictures


The Maverick is a 38' twin screw Volvo diesel powered sportfisherman

Capt.Jack and JoAnn's Gallery

JoAnn and I have sportfished all over the world. Whether it be flyfishing in our backyard on the Wood River for trout, trolling streamers on Moosehead for salmon or drifting live bluefish for giant tuna in the shipping lanes off Cape Cod we have enjoyed every minute. And we have come to this conclusion. We enjoy sharing the beautiful environment these gamefish live in as much as catching them.

thresher shark on a spreader bar photo JoAnn's winning RI striper image Giant Bluefin Tuna Fishing Charter
Jack and JoAnn's  swordfish charter photo JoAnn's Amberjack Rhode Island Brown Trout
 Giant Bluefin Tuna Graham's Tuna RI Tuna Image
JoAnn's Striper Bluefin Tuna at Nantucket Fish Heather on the Rod.
Bluefin Tuna JoAnn's Striper Jim and JoAnn
Heather and the Whales Bluefin in the Cockpit Rhode Island Fishing Charter
Cape Cod Giant Tuna Maverick Tuna Crew Nightime Tuna
1000# Giant Bluefin Tuna. Capt. Jack Riley and Giant Tuna School Bluefin Tuna

Striper and Tuna Gallery

RI Fly Fishing Charter Striper on the Fly RI Striped Bass
Bow Casting RI Striper Rhode Island Striped Bass Photo
Double Striper RI Striper Dual Anglers
Rhode Island Charter Fishing Boat Striper Limit Striper Duo
Rhode Island Striper Rhode Island Striper Picture. Bob's Bass
Allen Harbor Tournament Bruce's Striper Largest Striper
RI Charter Allen Harbor Tournament Striped Bass
Monomoy Striped Bass School bluefin tuna caught by Steve and Deanna. Rachel and big striped bass.
Family Fishing Fun Family Fishing Charter Capt. Jack riley and crew.
Slammer Bass Striped Bass Young Angler
Tuna Train School Tuna  Tuna Release Photo
Striped Bass Limit Striped Bass Rhode Island Charter
Bass Photo RI Charter  RI Striper
Monomoy Bass Farther and Son Two Handed Stripers
Fishing Family Young Angler Family Fishing
A photo of multiple stripers. Dad's Stripers The Capt's Fish
Family Charter  Young lady with whopper bass photo. Cape Cod Tuna
Dad's Bass Striper Pool Son's Striper
Her Striper Large Bass Nice Fish
Mom's  charter fishing striper photo. Mary's Striper 2006 Bluefin Tuna
RI Fishing Charter Female Angler Bro's big striped bass image.
 Chatham fishing charter image. Family Fishing Charter Giant Bluefin
Slammer striper from offshore Rhode Island. RI Striper Limit Rhode Island Fishing
Martha's Vineyard Pool Winner Cape Cod Fishing
Cape Cod Fishing Charter Sportfishing Image Nantucket Iimage
Biggest Striper Spreader Bar Rhode Island Fishing
Porpoise Photo Whale Image Rhode Island Blue Shark

Rhode Island Fishing Photo Gallery



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